CMP Initiative




C M P Report – Primary Section (2017)

Ø  1st April              Grand warm welcome to class 1st  students and    .                            Meeting with the  parents.

Ø 4th April               House allotment to the  Students.

                                      Fire safety day Celebration in the Vidyalaya premises.

Ø 12th April                       Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration.

Ø 10th July             Cluster Level C M P Meeting held at KV SAC.

Ø 12th to 14th July  Health Check-up.

                            F A -1 Exam

Ø 25th July              Rakshabandhan Celebration (Class Wise)

Ø 26th July              Parent Teacher Meeting.

Ø 30th July              Social Science Exhibition at School Level.

Ø 5th Sep.                Teacher’s Day Celebration & Watching PM’s Speech   .                            Live Telecast in the KV SAC hall.

Ø 22nd Sep.             P T M Meeting (Class I & II).

Ø 24th Sep.              Second quarterly C M P Cluster Level Meeting  at KV                             Chandkheda.

Ø 25th Sep.              Community Lunch of Teachers & Students.

Ø 26th Sep.              Gandhi Jayanti Celebration & Swachatta Abhiyan.      .                             The students  cleaned the Vidyalaya vicinity.

th 1 Oct.                S A- 1 Exam